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When I was a recruiter ,lot of job aspirants used to ask me ,that how to go about getting selected for a job. This is the perennial problem world wide being faced by fresh job aspirants . They have no work experience. They have no body from whom they cantake guidance. Education system did not teach them anything in this regard. Parents have out dated ideas. Human Resource people only know how to reject candidates. They do not have the tie to advice the job aspirants.The personality teaching organization are very expensive
I have made started tutorials as guidance for young aspirants to obtain free of cost .I invite others to provide guidance ,either in video or writtenform. I will put the same on my web site for free viewing.

How to start selling ?


How to start selling

How to start selling is one of those questions that many new online sellers ask. The fact is that it’s an excellent place to start selling, but there are just as many ways that it can be abused. One of the best ways to make sales without having to pay for any advertising or manage an inventory is by using Facebook as an outlet for your selling. There are two primary ways to do this. First, you can sell your own products and have people join your page in order to purchase them.

Sell on Facebook

You can use Facebook as a tool for selling other people’s products. You do this by doing market research on what people in your niche would be interested in buying. Market research is an essential part of learning how to sell online. Without it, you won’t know where to spend most of your time and money – which is money and effort that you’ll need to recoup when you start selling online. I’m going to discuss why market research is so important here.

How to start selling on Facebook will require you to do some market research. You do this because in order to sell anything online, you need to have a hungry audience ready to buy. You must know your product inside and out and how to sell it to them effectively. There are a variety of ways that you can go about doing this, but I recommend using two.

How to Sell Online

Search Suppliers

First, find a good supplier of the product that you want to sell. Most of the time, the best source for a good product is a supplier who already has an online store. By having an online store, they have a much easier time finding customers and selling the product to them.

How to Start Your Business

Understanding the Social Media Platforms

Second, learn how to use social media platforms effectively. This includes everything from how to create a page on the Facebook platform to how to get people to “like” your page on Facebook. By utilizing social media to promote your product and build awareness, you’re going to dramatically increase the number of buyers that will be interested in what you’re selling. I recommend that you set up a page on each of the three major social media giants: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These are the places where people are most likely to be browsing, searching, and connecting with others who are looking to buy products like yours.

Drop shipping

How to Sell Online 1

Finally, use a dropship suppliers. Drop shipping is when you send your customers’ products directly to the customer instead of having them handle the packing and shipping of the product themselves. Dropship suppliers allow you to focus on creating great content, building your email list, and generating leads while they handle the actual sales and customer service. This takes a lot of hassle off of your shoulders. By using a dropship suppliers, you can focus on creating new products, improving your website, and growing your business instead of focusing on how to sell more products.

Selling Products

Once you have everything set up, how to sell more products is easy. Simply add your dropship supplier as an affiliate to your eBay store. Most suppliers will provide you with a pre-built shopping cart with everything you need to manage a successful online store. From there, it’s as simple as adding items to your cart, labeling them, and creating a sales summary for each item. The next thing you’ll want to do is sign up for a free giveaway from eBay Giving. This not only gives you a promotional discount from eBay, but it will give you exposure from a recognized company that deals in the saleroom directory.

Payment System

The last step is to set up an automated payment system such as PayPal or Google Checkout. Your dropshipper will take care of the money transfer details from your end, so you won’t have to worry about dealing with international currency exchange rates, customs duties, or handling payments yourself. With this virtual storefront and complete business model, how to sell more products online couldn’t get easier. Just remember to source your supplier from a dropshipping company with a proven track record in providing quality merchandise at competitive prices.

Ebay selling

You can get started selling products on eBay in this way because eBay offers a large customer base. eBay offers products made by millions of people around the world. While it may be hard to find customers searching for precisely the same products you are selling, Dropshipping companies allow you to sell products that are popular with buyers on eBay. Dropshipping allows you to look at the successful trends being sold on eBay and then focus on selling products that will reach those buyers.

Dropshippers on eBay

One of the easiest ways how to sell online on eBay is to find drop shippers. A dropshipping company will supply you with products to market. Once you have the products in your inventory, all you need to do is list them on eBay, wait for customers to purchase them, and then contact the suppliers.

Products on eBay

Once you have products for sale on eBay, you need to find a place to put them. You should set up a website with a variety of different categories so that you will have plenty of room to expand. You will also want to set up an online store for your items. An online store is a great way to sell products on eBay because it allows you to test different ideas to improve on the sales you will receive through your website.

Digital products on eBay

Digital products are a great type of item to sell online. eBay has a digital product marketplace where many sellers sell digital products. You can sell digital products such as eBooks, software, electronic files, and other digital items that can be downloaded. eBay has a marketplace that features thousands of digital products that sellers around the world are selling. You can also search for digital products to sell on eBay.

Benefits on eBay

When you want to know how to sell on eBay, you first need to do some market research to discover how much profit you can expect to make with each sale. The best way to research this information is to obtain information through free online tools such as eBay and Amazon. It would be best to do some homework and market research online using online resources such as Salehoo. Several websites offer comprehensive information about how to sell on eBay.


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How to Start Your Business


How to Start your Business

The internet offers many options for how to start your own business. But how do you know which business models will be best for you? The first and most crucial aspect of your online planning is probably not the best strategy itself. The critical element in starting your own business is the initial planning – the formulation of a business plan. It can be very different than how to create an offline business, and therefore it’s essential to understand how the process works. The planning process begins with determining your end goal.

Startup Checklist

A business starts up checklist will help you determine how to start your own online business. And it is most definitely worth your time to make sure your goals are clearly defined and detailed on a piece of paper. However, there are several steps you can take before you hit the start button that can speed up your online business checklist.

A business start-up checklist can help you avoid many of the potential problems that might arise along the way to establishing your online business. First, you should identify the kind of business you wish to have. Your business start-up checklist should contain information about how to select a product or services niche. It should also include information about how to choose a supplier for the products and services you will offer.


Once you have determined the type of business you wish to have, you need to select the new venture’s feasibility. For example, how long does it take to develop a viable business idea? How much money is required to launch it? How to find the appropriate market? All of these questions will need answers from you before you embark on your online venture.

Building a effective website

Next, you should identify how to build a website that will be effective. It would be best if you focused on the content of your website, and the design, as well. Remember, people will be researching and relying on your website to provide them with the information they need. It is, therefore, imperative that the website is appealing, simple, user-friendly, and interactive. Remember, your goal is to build a solid reputation within the online business industry. The better you do in this regard, the better your reputation will be, and the more successful you will become.


Then, you should identify the areas where you wish to improve in your online business. For example, if you are struggling with your website design, you should look at hiring a web designer. It is a crucial step that should not be overlooked when setting out to establish your online business. You can never have too many designers! If this confuses you, there are many books available on small business administration that assists with this issue.

Be ready with the expenses

Lastly, you should research various advertising methods that will provide you with sufficient income and a solid reputation for your company. There are numerous free, useful resources on the internet that can help you with this task. Your goal should be to have vital customer service and outstanding service in general. Most small businesses do not make a habit of providing stellar customer service. However, this should be your goal from the very beginning.


Identify your target market

It is vital to know your target market before starting your business. It is essential to create a business model that is designed for a specific niche or business industry. Creating a proper business model will help you choose the right product or service for your target customers. There are different types of models used by other business industries, including affiliate marketing, multi-level marketing, online casinos, online pharmacies, real estate and many more.

Write a full-fledged sales plan

After creating a full-fledged sales plan, it is essential to write a full-fledged sales plan. In writing a sales plan, make a detailed description of your business, products and services. You can use excel or text editor to create a sales plan for your products. It will give you an idea of how to create an effective sales strategy for your development.

Brainstorm your business idea

When planning how to start your business, it is essential to brainstorm all possible business ideas. Brainstorming is a critical stage for any picture because it will help you develop a feasible idea and prevent you from venturing into unknown territory. You should always remember that if you do not brainstorm your thoughts, there is a high chance of being thrown away.

Come up with a solid business plan

The first step of how to start your business is to come up with a solid business plan. Create a detailed business plan that outlines all the steps that you will take to succeed. With a well-crafted business plan, you will be able to effectively highlight all of your business’s essential aspects and how they fit together.

Seek support

When planning how to start a home-based business, you must seek support from various industry individuals. These people can include family members, friends, and colleagues. When you have people with whom you can speak openly and honestly about your venture, it expedites your start-up process. It also helps in improving your business plan and comes up with a more effective business plan. With their help and support, you will get off to a great start

Make sure your start-up is focused on

While this is one of the most crucial steps of starting your business, many people fail to take this seriously. A business plan should not only address financial matters. Still, it should also address such issues as marketing strategies, social enterprise goals, and how to identify opportunities and threats that may affect your business.

Promote your business idea

Once you have a solid business plan, it is time to promote it. Take advantage of the internet and online avenues for this purpose. The internet is an immense source of information, and many websites cater to almost every topic. You can also submit your business idea or blog to various directories, such as Digg, StumbleUpon, and Reddit.


As you can see, numerous free additional resources will assist you in developing your Internet-based start-up. Many of these resources will assist you in the creation of your business plan. Additionally, several books are available on how to start your own business that lists numerous free, helpful resources to guide you in the creation of your business. Hopefully, this information has helped you to understand better how to start your own business.

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Job aspirants must learn life skills to succeed in life


To achieve unprecedented success, it is always better that one takes the road less travelled. However, today, several students are accustomed to a convenient and comfortable lifestyle that often refrain them from taking the tough path.

Besides, most students these days have a marks-centric mentality and not skills-centric. Marks enable students to enter colleges of their choice but serve little purpose beyond that. The present generation has forgotten that each of them is unique and has different abilities. In their endeavour to go ahead in the race, they often overlook their aptitudes and interests. Getting good marks, admission into a college to finally securing a job that is not synced with one’s natural abilities is a sad tale of many students.

These students cannot cope with the stress that comes with the decision to travel the unknown terrain. They suffer from stress-related problems as they are never taught the art of managing the condition in their school years. This is one of the major drawbacks in the Indian education system. The curriculum has missed out on major life skills such as anger management, stress management, confidence and self-esteem building, fighting peer pressure, addiction, etc.

In a survey, over 20,000 teenage students were asked questions related to stress. Almost 45% of them admitted that they feel stressed almost all the time. The major reason behind this was the pressure from family, teachers, peers and school. Students today are vulnerable than ever as in comparison with the growing competition, their ability to handle the pressure has not enhanced. Although naturally, one will fail, people need to understand that a power-packed life skills training programme in educational institutions is the need of the hour and must be made mandatory in all the states. Preparing students to tackle the obstacles they face in their life is of paramount importance and must not be delayed at any cost.

The impact of life skills training
With life skills training, students will develop competence, confidence and maturity. As a result, during the crucial interviews and selection drives, they will not hesitate to be different. When an individual wins the inner battle, the battle outside looks feeble. Studies have shown that with curricula including ‘happiness drive’ & ‘anger management’, students have transformed greatly as these kinds of programmes touch the often untouched areas in one’s personality. After the training, students develop a positive perception of life and see life from a broader perspective. They also develop creativity and curiosity, which augment their zest to succeed in life.

Students are the torch bearers of tomorrow, after graduation, they must have more than just a degree in their quiver. Arming them with the necessary life skills is crucial to enable them to cope with the post-school environment, handle stress better, be more social and be more employable. Need for such success skills cannot be overemphasised, they are critical to happiness and success.

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Adaptability and Flexibility
One thing is for certain, the ways companies operate and work are going to change. The world was already changing rapidly, but the pandemic accelerated it. There will be few “jobs for life.” Someone that is going to succeed in a post-coronavirus-world will need to be able to adapt to ever-evolving workplaces and have the ability to continuously update and refresh their skills.
Tech Savviness
One of the best ways to prepare yourself for a post-coronavirus-world is to acquire technology skills. The COVID-19 pandemic is fast-tracking digital transformations in companies as they are trying to become more resilient to future outbreaks and disruptions. The reality is that technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, the Internet of Things, virtual and augmented reality, and robotics will make businesses more resilient to future pandemics, and anyone that can help companies exploit these technologies will be in a great position. Whether you work in a factory or an accounting office in a post-coronavirus world, you need to be comfortable with these tech tools as well as be able to work with them effectively.
Creativity & Innovation
We have already seen the importance of creativity and innovation during the pandemic. Businesses that have been able to come up with ways to deliver services virtually (like many healthcare providers have done) or quickly shift to new products (like Mercedes F1 that have shifted from making racing cars to innovative breathing aids) have been able to better weather the storm. In a post-coronavirus world, we will need human ingenuity to invent, dream up new products and ways of working. Human creativity is going to be essential.
Data Literacy
As the fuel of the 4th Industrial Revolution, data is a critical asset for every company. With the right data, companies are able to better predict the impact of future business disruptions and are better able to serve customers with the right products and services during or after any pandemic. Companies that understand business trends and shifting customer needs are better able to respond in the right way should a future pandemic come along. However, the data is useless to a company unless there is data literacy—people equipped with skills to understand the data and make better decisions because of it. Professionals with data literacy will be even more appealing to prospective employers than ever before.

Critical Thinking
Another skill that will be essential as our global economy rebuilds from the damage done by COVID-19 is critical thinking. During the pandemic, we have seen a spike in fake news and misrepresentations of data and studies, as leaders, businesses, and governments are trying to shift blame and divert attention and proper scrutiny. People who can objectively evaluate information from diverse sources to determine what is credible will be valued. Not all information should be trusted, but organizations will need to rely on critical thinking to understand what information should inform decision-making.
Digital And Coding Skills
The digital transformation of organizations got a boost because of coronavirus; therefore, professionals with digital skills, including coding, web development, and digital marketing, will become even more important than they are now. People who can keep the digital business running—and thriving—during economic downturns or pandemics that make in-person business impossible or less efficient are going to be on the must-hire list. And, basically, ALL companies are now digitally based in some way, so the opportunities to put digital skills to work are countless.
One of the changes in a world that is heavily augmented by the support of machines and where social distancing and home working might continue for the foreseeable future, is that more people at all levels of an organization will be in a position where they lead others. The gig economy is only going to grow post coronavirus, and people will be working in more fluent teams where people are taking the lead at different times. Professionals with strong skills in leadership, including how to bring out the best and inspire teams as well as encourage collaboration, will be in demand.
Emotional Intelligence
Closely linked to leadership is another skill that is even more important in uncertain and challenging times: Emotional Intelligence (EQ). The ability to be aware of, express, and control our emotions and be aware of others’ emotions is what emotional intelligence is all about. At times when people might feel uncertain about their job and the future of their business, it is key to connect with people on an emotional level. Individuals with strong EQ will be coveted by organizations of all sizes and in all industries.
Commit to a Lifetime of Learning
According to the World Economic Forum, in just five years, 35 percent of the skills deemed essential today will change. There’s only one way to remain relevant in a post-coronavirus reality: commit to a lifetime of learning.
When faced with a tight job market, professionals with advanced and expert job skills will still be in demand and will likely struggle less to find employment. The good news is that improving your skills has never been easier. Today, it doesn’t require years of study or hefty loans to build up your skillset to be prepared for a post-coronavirus world. There are endless free and open online courses (MOOCs) available that will help you improve your skills.
Here are just a few examples:
• Artificial intelligence and machine learning courses
• Data literacy and data science courses
• Emotional Intelligence courses
Or just search for the skills you want to develop on platforms such as Coursera, edX, Udacity, FutureLearn, or iversity.
See lockdown as an opportunity to improve your skills so that you are ready for the post-coronavirus job market.

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