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Non Profit Initiative of Retired Entrepreneur,
Recruiter and Trainer with “HANDS ON”


Business Knowledge

Business Knowledge has accelerated growth in the world. On line tutorials will help in making informed holistic decisions. There are 25 on line tutorials of 20-25 minutes each. Syllabus is tailored to provide working knowledge on diverse managerial topics for executives and entrepreneurs.

Get Your First Job

Five hour tutorials guide a job aspirants to perform better at job selection process. Topics covered are campus to corporate, understanding employer, selection process, resume upgrade and tackling interviews.

Prepare for Promotion

Career growth is planned effort with elements of competency scope and patronage. The tutorial provides a thought process towards getting ahead.

Impress Others Get Ahead

First impression facilitates growth. To impress others a personal vision is essential. Guidance is provided in planning to create the personal branding

Everybody Is A Sales Person


The truth is everyone is in sales the big question is what are we selling and to whom? You are selling yourself every day. The product you are selling is you and the services you’re providing are the skills and knowledge developed over time


Learn To Manage Business

Lean to manage has four modules.
  • Planning a Business.
  • PreStart upActions
  • Running a Business 
  • Business Skills 

Basic of MBA

  • Introduction to Management
  • Basic Concepts
  • Commercial
  • Perform Better

Business Skills

  • Generating an idea
  • Planning a Business
  • Business Acumen
  • New Skills
  • Personality Traits
  • Managerial Essentials
  • Creative Thinking
  • Resource Management
  • Make ,Buy or Franchise

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