About Train4Future​

Train4Future: A brainchild of retired professionals and entrepreneurs, Train4Future aims to empower individuals in various aspects of their careers and business endeavors.
1. Background: Train4Future was founded by experienced professionals, both engineers with MBA degrees from FMS Delhi. Their combined expertise spans over 60+ years.
2. Career Journey: After a career in the Indian government, the founder embarked on a second career as an entrepreneur. Their ventures included creating a composite unit for water resource augmentation and a garment manufacturing unit. They also ran a recruitment and head-hunting agency focused on hospitality and real estate industries.
3. Focus on Job Aspirants: Recognizing the lack of preparedness among new job aspirants for corporate roles, Train4Future shifted its focus. They now provide upgrade training courses for young aspirants in Tier-II and Tier-III Indian cities. These courses enhance employability skills, helping individuals secure jobs, retain them, and progress in their careers.
4. Affordable and Convenient: Train4Future delivers online upgrade training through short, affordable courses. The flexible schedule ensures convenience for the target audience.
5. Holistic Approach: The founder’s goal is to help startups and aspiring entrepreneurs by sharing holistic knowledge. This includes better utilization of existing education, improving chances of success, enhancing productivity, and learning from others’ experiences.
6. Focal Point of Knowledge: Train4Future aims to be the focal point for disseminating knowledge online and experience to young entrepreneurs.

Other information about Train4future : 

Train4Future Is A Brainchild Of Retired Professionals And Entrepreneurs (Engineers, With MBA From FMS Delhi). (77 Year Of Age)

After A Career In Government Of India Started  Second Career As An Entrepreneur.

The First Venture Was Creating A Composite Unit For Augmenting Water Resources For Institutions. The Unit  Provided Composite  Service To Locate Water Source Scientifically, Carry Out Drilling, And Install Pumps/Small Purification Unit. He Had To Close Unit Under Compelling Circumstances 

 At The Same Time He Commissioned A Composite Unit For Making Garments Of Denim Products. The Garments  Marketed Them Through Small Distributors Based In Cities Of North India. The Aim Is To Increase The Dedicated Network Of Small Distributors To Sell Affordable All Denim Garments

Due To Financial And Health Reasons Had To Close Operations.  

The Next Venture Was The Recruitment And Head-Hunting Agency For Focused Sectors. Industries.(Hospitality And Real Estate) The Same Is Being Run As A Family Business.

Realizing A Lack Of Preparedness For New Job Aspirants For Corporate Jobs. He Branched Off To Provide Upgrade Training Courses For Young Aspirants Staying In Tier-II And Tier-III Indian Cities. The  Focus Being Upgrading Employability Skills For Getting Selected For A Job, Retaining A Job, And Getting Promoted. 

Online Upgrade Training  Delivered  Through Short, Affordable Courses At A Convenient Time To Suit The Target Audience 

Utilizing Other Team Members On A Retainer Basis, With Experience To Upgrade The Target Audience.

All The Units Were No Frills Organizations, to ensure Affordable Service.

Using My Professional And Start-Up Experience I Intend To Help To Start-Ups And Would-Be Entrepreneurs With The Holistic Knowledge Required .Our Target Is To Provide The Following.

  • Better Utilization Of Existing Education And Knowledge Base
  •  Improve Chances of Success In Business And Profession
  • Enhance Effectiveness &, Productivity
  • Knowledge Update for Business Environment.
  • Learn From Others’ Experiences.
  • To Be The Focal Point Of Dissemination Of Knowledge And Experience For Young Entrepreneurs.