Basics of Finance

Fundamentals of Basics of Finance :

  • Business finance is the funding a business needs for commercial purposes. It is the money business owners require to start, run, or expand a business.
  • Finance is the foundation of any business. It is nearly impossible to succeed without strong finances in place.
  • Finance to purchase assets, goods, and raw materials. Essentially anything that will push the business forward.
  • This is why finance and funds are known as the lifeblood of any business.
  • Equally important is knowledge of Personal Finance for improving personal life
  • Sufficient resources of money are essential accessible for your business and personal life..

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Syllabus : 

  • Business Knowledge 
  • Qualities Of Entrepreneur
  • What Does Management Do Role Of Management
  •  Business Role 
  •  Business Functions
  •  Role Of Managers
  • Types Of Organization 
  • E-Commerce 
  • Business Finance
  • Sales &Marketing