Job aspirants must learn life skills to succeed in life

To achieve unprecedented success, it is always better that one takes the road less travelled. However, today, several students are accustomed to a convenient and comfortable lifestyle that often refrain them from taking the tough path.

Besides, most students these days have a marks-centric mentality and not skills-centric. Marks enable students to enter colleges of their choice but serve little purpose beyond that. The present generation has forgotten that each of them is unique and has different abilities. In their endeavour to go ahead in the race, they often overlook their aptitudes and interests. Getting good marks, admission into a college to finally securing a job that is not synced with one’s natural abilities is a sad tale of many students.

These students cannot cope with the stress that comes with the decision to travel the unknown terrain. They suffer from stress-related problems as they are never taught the art of managing the condition in their school years. This is one of the major drawbacks in the Indian education system. The curriculum has missed out on major life skills such as anger management, stress management, confidence and self-esteem building, fighting peer pressure, addiction, etc.

In a survey, over 20,000 teenage students were asked questions related to stress. Almost 45% of them admitted that they feel stressed almost all the time. The major reason behind this was the pressure from family, teachers, peers and school. Students today are vulnerable than ever as in comparison with the growing competition, their ability to handle the pressure has not enhanced. Although naturally, one will fail, people need to understand that a power-packed life skills training programme in educational institutions is the need of the hour and must be made mandatory in all the states. Preparing students to tackle the obstacles they face in their life is of paramount importance and must not be delayed at any cost.

The impact of life skills training
With life skills training, students will develop competence, confidence and maturity. As a result, during the crucial interviews and selection drives, they will not hesitate to be different. When an individual wins the inner battle, the battle outside looks feeble. Studies have shown that with curricula including ‘happiness drive’ & ‘anger management’, students have transformed greatly as these kinds of programmes touch the often untouched areas in one’s personality. After the training, students develop a positive perception of life and see life from a broader perspective. They also develop creativity and curiosity, which augment their zest to succeed in life.

Students are the torch bearers of tomorrow, after graduation, they must have more than just a degree in their quiver. Arming them with the necessary life skills is crucial to enable them to cope with the post-school environment, handle stress better, be more social and be more employable. Need for such success skills cannot be overemphasised, they are critical to happiness and success.

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