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Income Generating Skills

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Theoretical knowledge acquired ensures better job fit and higher productivity. You will benefit with knowledge for enhanced earning potential. The foundation courses provide theoretical inputs for employment readiness skills like sales and marketing, retailing and office management.


Office management varies in scope from business to business. For a small business, only a single person may be required for office management and would undertake various activities from keeping inventory to payroll. For larger firms, office management may include many tiers and offices and responsibilities are divided accordingly between different people and offices and responsibilities may also include developing policies and procedural checks for the business.


Everybody looks for jobs for earning livelihood by utilising educational qualifications. and experience .Next logical step is promotion for better status, earnings and quality of work. In a pyramid cal organization the promotion are fewer. Some get promoted and some get left out.

Those who get left out, blame luck. The solution to promotion is partly luck and also includes career management. In this modules we discuss the strategy for promotions and discus in brief about the personal development. This module is targeted for those seeking promotion

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