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Basics of Business

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The job opportunities in India and acceptability of Indians in the world market is on the increase.

In recent times, world has progressed through development in technology and working methodology evolved through improved managerial thought processes.

Conventional MBA courses require time and money. This burden is still largely beyond the reach of common Indian parents.

Combined duration of the courses provided by Train4Future is 90-100 hours. During this period, we aim to sow the seeds of knowledge of both theoretical concepts and practical applications. The end product of training should be exposure to practical aspects based on concepts.

This approach leads to better career progression. To facilitate learning we have started a foundation course in Basics of Business management. The course content is based on MBA syllabus.

The course complements existing knowledge and experience of aspirants as well as recently qualified executives.

The course aims to provide knowledge on managerial concepts and basic business skills. The inputs enhance thinking process thus leading to better performance and higher acceptability in organizations.

Course Content

  • Understanding Management
  • Managerial Concepts (Organization Behaviour, Revenue management, Production Sales and Marketing, Finance, HRD, Business skills)
  • Managerial Skills.
  • Enhancing Personal Impact at workplace
  • Management Terminology.(HR, Sales Marketing, Finance)
  • Legal Terms


  • Become an entrepreneur
  • Do your own startup
  • Learn about the techniques to startup
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